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Texas Tennis History

Texas Professional Tennis Association (TPTA)/Current day USPTA Texas Division

The TPTA was conceived in 1965 when three men, namely Clarence Mabry, Bernard “Tut” Bartzen and George Richey, invited the teaching pros of Texas to a weekend in San Antonio for a doubles tournament, a clinic and a meeting of the pros minds.  The tournament was held at the San Antonio Country Club and was won by the host Mabry and John Newman, who defeated Warren McMillan and Ken Crawford of Fort Worth in the finals.  The clinic was held at San Pedro Tennis Center (now McFarlin Tennis Center) and the first formal meeting of Texas pros was held at the Tropicana Hotel.


Mabry was elected the TPTA's first president.  Bartzen was elected vice-president, and Harry Parten of Houston was elected secretary-treasurer. Others attending this first meeting were: Bill Bos, Fred Kester, Fred KniffenJimmy LanghamBob Mapes, Hector Salizar, and Ron Woods.

Pros attending the second meeting of the TPTA held at Lakeway in Austin, were considered charter members.  They included Bernard “Tut” Bartzen, Bill Bos, Ken Crawford, Sammy Giammalva, Fred  Kester, Fred Kniffen, Clarence Mabry, Bob Mapes, Charles McCleary, Warren McMillan, Bob Mooty, Harry Parten, Shelby Torrance, Jerry Walters and Ron Woods.


In 1969, the TPTA voted to affiliate with the USPLTA. The 1970 USPLTA convention was held at the T-Bar-M Tennis Ranch, New Braunfels, Texas. In 1979, the TPTA began having joint conventions with the Texas Tennis Association.

Texas Professional Tennis Association at the USPLTA convention at T-Bar-M Tennis Ranch, New Braunfels, Texas, 1970. Front Row: Barbara Reeves, Ron Woods, Bob Mapes, Jerry Geyman, Bob Mooty, Paul Como. Kneeling: Charles McCleary, Al Flack, Ron Fenasci, Dick King, Jason Morton, Don Fuller, William Faquear, Les Berkes, Warren McMillan, Tut Bartzen. Standing: Roger Young, John Newman, Neil Roush, Don Mordecai, Jerry Evert, Bill Bos, Al Driscole, Fred Kniffen, Dan O'Bryant, Henry Parten, Fects Shelton, Henry Clifton, Clarence Mabry

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