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George H.W. Bush

Induction Year: 2014


George H.W.  Bush (1924-2018), the 41st President of the United States, first gained appreciation for tennis during the summers spent with his family in Maine and Connecticut as a youth.


Tennis was a family endeavor. Although Bush played baseball for Yale, his interest in the game of tennis never waned. President Bush has been involved with many tennis associations and events from the level of honorary member all the way to chairman, including USPTA, Tennis Across America, the Bluebonnet Bowl Invitational Tennis Tournament in Houston and Zina Garrison's All-Court Tennis Tournament. President Bush fervently supported tennis in Texas and across the United States for decades.


President George H. W. Bush and 61st Secretary of State James A. Baker teamed together in service to their country and on the tennis court for many decades. Long-time doubles partners, Bush and Baker were inducted into the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame as a team.


In many of their public appearances, President Bush and the Honorable James Baker showcased the game of tennis. Whether it was a pro-charity event, a fundraiser for a worthy cause or by supporting the game by providing a special presence, the Bush-Baker duo did it selflessly because they loved the game of tennis. While both gentlemen were accomplished players, they were inducted into the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame for their service to the game. Both men encouraged youngsters to play tennis, vigorously supported charitable tennis tournaments and generously gave of their time to promote tennis for decades. Their ability on the court and their service to Texas tennis makes them exemplary ambassadors of the game.

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