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Harriett Peterson Hulbert

Induction Year: 2009


Harriett Peterson Hulbert (1933-2023) was considered by many to be one of the most influential women in the Texas community tennis family. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and she received her bachelor's degree from Northwestern University in biology. Harriett began playing tennis in Wichita, Kansas in the late 1960's but it wasn't until her husband and family would move to Houston that she would join the Houston Racquet Club and begin her life long service to the game.


In the mid 1970s the Houston Tennis Association (HTA) recruited many volunteers and Hulbert was a perfect match. While raising her four children, she began her lengthy tenure with the HTA by volunteering to run junior tournament sites and serving as the president for two years. In 1984, she would accept the position of assistant executive director, a position she would continue to hold until 1986 when she assumed full responsibility for the HTA as its executive director, a position she would hold until her retirement in 2007.

Hulbert served USTA Texas for twenty plus years and has received numerous awards, including the HTA Sampson Award, W. T. Caswell Award, Tournament Director of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards from USTA Texas. She was also a certified USTA umpire and referee.

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