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George P. Mitchell

Induction Year: 2007


George P. Mitchell (1919-2014) was born in Galveston, Texas, became interested in tennis at an early age, and began competing in local and regional tournaments in Galveston. He was the captain of Texas A&M tennis team his senior year and graduated in 1940 with a degree in Petroleum Engineering.


After the war, he and his wife Cynthia settled in Houston and he began his career, founding George Mitchell and Associates, Inc. in 1946. He continued playing the game regularly in both singles and doubles in Houston and competing in the Gordon Cup, the USTA National Grass Courts, and other tournaments in Houston and Texas.


For more than twenty years, Mitchell volunteered for the Houston Tennis Patrons and the Houston Tennis Association. He also founded and developed the Houston Racquet Club in 1969, the Woodlands Racquet Club in 1975 and the Texas A&M ’s George P. Mitchell Tennis Center, which received the USTA Tennis Award in 1999 for top tennis center in the country and hosted the NCAA tennis championships in 2005. He was a devoted tennis player, a civic leader in Texas, and a major contributor to Texas Tennis and its future.

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