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Texas Tennis History

Texas Tennis Association/USTA Texas

It was during the 1895 tournament in Dallas that some of the players formed a state tennis association. On Sunday, May 11, 1895 at 1 p.m. there was a meeting to organize the association. It was thought that the time was "ripe for doing so" and it would help the sport give Texas a standing in the national association, the Dallas Morning News reported. The day following the meeting, the paper reported, J.D. Collett of Fort Worth and Henry S. Crawford of Dallas gave a dinner at the Oriental Hotel after the games at which time the organization of the Texas State Lawn Tennis Association was effected, and application to the National Lawn Tennis Association of America was ordered. The group elected Glen Walker of Fort Worth as president, R.G. Patton of Waco, vice president, J. Henry Meyers of Dallas, secretary and Leslie Waggener of Austin, treasurer. In 1907, the officers and executive committee of the Texas State Lawn Tennis Association completed the formation of a constitution and by-laws to govern the association. Individual dues were fifty cents a year.

Read more about the formation and evolvement of USTA Texas below:

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