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Texas Tennis Museum


Digital Repository

The Texas Tennis Museum hopes that you will join us in documenting this unprecedented time in Texas tennis history. The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted lives across the globe in many ways. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, tennis players have been advised for the first time in history not to play the sport we love. 


As a part of our mission to preserve the story of Texas tennis, we hope to capture what life was like during the COVID-19 pandemic. This digital repository seeks to preserve content captured by members of the Texas Tennis community. The items contributed will help future historians detail the changes to life in the Texas tennis community during this period. We want to ensure that the historical record will include diverse perspectives from Texas tennis players directly impacted by the changes brought on by COVID-19.

We encourage you to use the form below to contribute digital content, including photographs, videos and written stories related to Texas tennis during COVID-19. 

Please consider sharing the following:

  • Images: photographs, screen captures of emails and social media (ex: "Courts Closed" sign, homemade courts)

  • Video Stories (ex: testimonials, video captures of closed facilities)

  • Files: narratives, emails and announcements 

We ask that you follow these Submission Guidelines:

  • Content related to COVID-19 

  • Related to Texas tennis

  • Users have the right to submit content as long as it does not infringe on any existing copyright

Thank you for your help with this important endeavor. 

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