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Chuck LeMaster

Induction Year: 2007


Chuck LeMaster was born February 2, 1928 in Barnetts Creek, Kentucky. In college, he began playing tennis but it was his move to Houston, Texas in 1951 that would solidify his lifelong love of the sport.  In that same year, he became a charter member of the Houston Tennis Patrons Association, which would later become the Houston Tennis Association. He played tennis on the Memorial Park Courts and became an active member in their tennis association.  He co-founded the Houston Tennis Umpire’s Association and worked with his wife on the Husband and Wife Tennis Tournament, which is now known as the HTA/Le Master Husband and Wife Tennis Tournament.


Lemaster has served on the Board of the Houston Tennis Association and has served as a liaison between the Texas Tennis Association and the junior tennis coaches. 


In 1999, he and his partners were ranked #1 and #2 in the 70s Doubles and with one partner was ranked #11 nationally. He also won the bronze ball in 2004 for Men’s 75s  Doubles. In Texas, he was ranked either #2 or #3 from 2003-2005 in Men’s 75s Singles. At this time, under the “12 month rolling standing” guidelines, he is ranked # 1 in Men’s 75 Doubles in Texas; a plateau he attained while playing with three different partners. He has dedicated his time to promoting and enhancing the players and tournaments in Houston, Texas.



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