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Russell Seymour

Induction Year: 1999

Russell Seymour was born in East London South Africa on July 8, 1930. He attended school in Johannesburg and was active in all school sports including cricket, soccer, rugby, swimming, track and tennis. At the age of fifteen, tennis became his primary focus.

Seymour was the South African Junior Champion in 1948, the South African Open Singles Champion in 1955 and was number one on the Davis Cup Team from 1953 -1955. 

In 1956 Seymour became a professional coach and was banned from playing amateur tennis for thirteen years. He worked with the South African Davis Cup Team, Federation Cup Team and national junior teams. In 1970 he moved his family to Perth, Western Australia where he became an  Australian citizen. In 1975 they moved to Texas where Seymour became the Director of Tennis at Lakeway World of Tennis. 


In 1976 Seymour began to compete in the USTA Senior National Tournaments. He won the National 45 Grass Courts title five times in a row.  He also won the National Senior 50 Grass Courts three times in succession.  Seymour won the European 45 singles titles in 1977, 1978 and 1979. In total Seymour won 79 gold balls (singles titles) and 48 silver balls (finalist). He was on the following teams: ITF World Cup,  Dubler Cup, Austria Cup, Von Cramn Cup, Britania Cup, Crawford Cup and Gardner Mulloy Cup.  Since 1976 he has been ranked No 1 in various age groups: 13 times in singles and 11 times in doubles.

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