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2023 Scholarship Winners Announced

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

As part of its commitment to educating the public on the history of Texas tennis and inspiring youth through the lives of its Hall of Famers, the Texas Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame recently held it's annual scholarship contest. Four academic scholarships were awarded for the 2023-2024 academic year.

These recipients wrote remarkable essays,” said Board President Ken McAllister. “We are proud to support their education and wish them the best of luck.”

Participants were asked to select a member of the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame who inspires them to play tennis and submit a 500 word essay.

The 2023 scholarship recipients are:

First Place

Mason Railsback

Madisonville High School

Essay written on George P. Mitchell

Second Place

Gillian Childs

Lago Vista High School

Essay written on Sue Bramlette

Third Place

Sofiaenid Rodney-Hernandez

Hillscrest High School

Essay written on Mary Zita McHale Jacoby

Forth Place

Autum Glenn

Ennis High School

Essay written on Julie Cass

The students' essays can be read in the Texas Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame Magazine, published in November. Thank you to all of our participants and the Hall of Famers who inspired them.

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